Humble & Frank Foods

We’re proud to have honesty built right into our name.

Premium-Crafted Products

Made For Food-Lovers

Dip, Dunk, Season, sprinkle, baste, batter or marinate, you’ll never have to worry about artificial flavours,

colours, or MSG – just ingredients you’ll recognize and a sensational come-back-for-seconds taste that the

“whole crew” will love.

Tartar and Cocktail

Dip, Pour, Dunk & Swirl

Seafood Marinades

Soak, Slather, Sauce & Drip


Coat, Flip, Pat & Fry


Sprinkle, Pour, Shake & Pinch

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Each tasty nuance, each mouth-watering ingredient has been chosen specifically to enhance – not eclipse – the tastes of your favourite seafood dishes.


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